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Lukas Ionesco’s Ode to Love
by J.L. Sirisuk

Paris-born Lukas Ionesco comes from a creative lineage - his mother is the French screenwriter and director Eva Ionesco and his grandmother the erotic photographer Irina. It is therefore no surprise that he is an artist of many talents - beginning his career as the star of Larry Clark’s film The Smell of Us, he has also modeled for Gosha Rubshinkiy and began playing music in 2013 with the band Diaperpin He is now composing songs under his own name and recorded a collection of tracks in New York for his upcoming EP Paris Texas.

“I sold myself to you, I sold my life to you,” Ionesco croons over guitar on “Sold My Life” - a folk grunge paean to romance and the first track released off his forthcoming EP. The accompanying music video is a sun-washed feast for the eyes as we’re offered a cinematic glimpse into the love affair of the track’s heroes – a cowboy and cowgirl in love. The video was shot by Ionesco’s frequent collaborator Zack Spiger in 16mm in the Spanish countryside, and we are drawn into a gorgeously dreamy aesthetic as we watch the pair swim in the ocean, embrace, kiss, and dance in the sunshine – all in an exquisite ode to love.

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This release is part of a larger work - Paris Texas - is there anything you would like to share about your upcoming EP?

For this EP Paris Texas, I got a lot of inspiration from movies and cowboy culture. We also recorded in New York, which was a big inspiration for the EP. The story of the full EP is the story of a sad and lost cowboy who travels. We have five tracks and five crazy clips coming. It’s why “Sold My Life” is the most important track for me -because it’s the story of a cowboy couple extremely in love - it’s our story.

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You have acted in the past and now seem to be focused on music. What is it about creative expression that is so important to you?

I love acting and I love making music. I think both fit well. I just finished two big movies and I have another soon. Now I’m also working on the next EP and we start playing gigs this month. 

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The video is gorgeous - can you tell me about the idea behind it? Did you have any cinematic inspiration in particular for it?

We made the clip with my best friend Zack Spiger. We really understand each other and I love his work. We never need to talk a lot when we shoot, we just go and do something and film. It’s just super natural and real. We had a lot of fun and loved doing that clip in the countryside of Spain. Zack says that it’s the most beautiful clip he made in his career. Maybe it will be the same for me. 

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The track was released on Valentine's Day. What is the most romantic thing you have ever done?

Releasing “Sold My Life” on Valentine’s Day was very cool. Angèle loved it. I think the most romantic thing I did on Valentines’ Day was to record my voice on tape saying very strong and crazy things for Angèle, and just put it in her bag with a mini tape machine. She was in LOVE.