Under the Hypnotic Spell of Let’s Eat Grandma

Words: J.L. Sirisuk
Photography: Bon Jane


Let’s Eat Grandma, the Norwich-based duo comprised of Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingsworth, released one of the most enchanting albums of 2016. Becoming best friends in early childhood, the two bonded over a shared creative universe which later manifested within musical dimensions. Their debut album I, Gemini (Transgressive) guides us into the surprising spaces of their sonic world where fairytale wonder, wordplay, and an assortment of instruments including the recorder, saxophone, cello, and glockenspiel all reside. The album traverses genre with each track representing a unique constellation within their creative universe. Teetering between dreams and consciousness, the album shifts rhythms within a delicious tapestry of sound from the pop-rap of “Eat Shiitake Mushrooms” to the baroque vibrations of “Rapunzel.”

2016 was a year that saw Let’s Eat Grandma perform on Later…with Jools Holland, and play in the U.S. for the very first time. We met up with the magical duo at Berlin in New York City before their second U.S. performance to have a chat and take some photos. They also answered a few questions sent over via email. We look forward to seeing what amazing spells theseridiculously talented young women will weave this coming year.

How do you feel after your first North American tour? (And what will you miss about New York especially?)

We very #blessed and #humbled to have met so many great people and fans in the U.S. And we miss the food.

How do you feel when you’re performing live?


What are some of the most random, unexpected things that have inspired your creative minds?

People think that our songs are inspired by really deep, existential concepts but it’s mainly about how hard it is to find nice vegan snacks.

What is the last album your listened to non-stop that you found yourself addicted to?

Christine and The Queens – Chaleur Humaine

Who and/or what makes you laugh the most?

James Lee Evans – our child minder.